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Landscape photography always has been one of my favourite working fields. No clients, no models, no appointments, just alone with the scene, sometimes freezing or thirsty, sick or euphoric, tired an full of energy, beautiful and frightening.


No rain, high mountains, brutal heat and relentless coldness at the same time whether your in the shadow or in the sun - Atacama.

Back from Mordor

Lanzarote simply reminds you at primeval times, you wouldn´t wonder if some dinosaur comes along the corner to have a little tasty snap - wich is YOU!


Maspalomas is a kind of micro desert on Gran Canaria, just about 220 km away from her big sister Sahara some steps away from the next five stars hotel and your long drink.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has one of the biggest bio diversity on the planet. In this small country you have it all: Primary forest, active volcanos, waterfalls, caribean sea, pacific surf waves and a lot of animal life. 27% of the country is under protection of nature.


The "West" of the States is a myth made by literature and movies. The perfect stage with breath taking landscapes and the light from "Gods own country" shining from an endless deep blue sky.


This is just the end of the world. Uninhabited beside of some little enclaves in the middle of nowhere. Beyond there´s just the antarctic continent.